Collection: 30 x 40 cm frames

below you will find our smallest high quality frames in oak wood and aluminium with glass that are designed to compliment the art print you like. all our 30 x 40 cm frames are handmade in Italy and carefully selected to fit the Atelier Cph art print collection.

handcrafted frames in natural colours such as white, black and oak

at Atelier Cph we thrive on experimentation with various techniques and materials. our art frames are crafted from exquisite materials such as oak wood and aluminium, carefully selected to interact harmoniously with our artworks. we draw inspiration from the minimalistic Scandinavian colour palette, featuring shades such as dark oak, light oak, white, black and grey, all chosen to seamlessly blend with our aesthetic. 


wood and aluminium frames in a range of different sizes

in addition to our smallest 30 x 40 cm frames, our handmade art frames are available in four different sizes, all designed to flawlessly fit the prints from the Atelier Cph collection: 50 x 70 centimetres, 70 x 100 centimetres and 100 x 140 centimetres (exclusive to Denmark). when you order a print and frame from us, your artwork will be professionally framed. however, if you wish to explore different ratios of art to frame, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. when a piece speaks to you, it is important that every detail aligns with your wishes. explore our complete collection of frames and find the perfect fit for you. 


30 x 40 cm handmade picture frames from Italy

our smaller 30 x 40 cm handmade picture frames are no exception to our other frames, as they are meticulously handmade in Italy. they are carefully selected to complement our art print collections and thoughtfully designed to enhance the aesthetic of your chosen artwork. 


explore our art collections

within our collections, you’ll find recurring elements that include the manipulation of fabric, use of charcoal lines, layered techniques as well as cut-outs and brushstrokes. these consistent components, combined with a harmonious colour palette, convey a sense of tactility and continuity that allow you to mix and match our art prints. 


since our establishment in 2012 Atelier Cph has sought to create a safe space for artistic exploration and new expressions. we aim to create a place where curiosity and quality have a place to thrive. explore our abstract art prints and fabric artworks today and find the piece that resonates with your taste.

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