Collection: aluminium frames

on this page you will find handcrafted aluminium frames from Italy in various sizes. our aluminium frames are carefully picked to match the aesthetic of your chosen art pieces. find the perfect fit for your artwork right here.

handmade aluminium frames in black and white

if you are looking for a clean and modern look, an aluminium frame in white or black is an excellent match. our handmade art frames, made in Italy, draw inspiration from the minimalistic Scandinavian colour palette. therefore, you will find shades thoughtfully selected to harmonise with the aesthetic at Atelier Cph, creating an elegant backdrop for your artwork. 


play with ratios for artistic expression

among our full collection of frames you will find frames in ranges of sizes to suit your needs, including 30 x 40 cm, 50 x 70 cm, 70 x 100 cm, and an exclusive 100 x 140 cm size (available only in Denmark). our aluminium frames are produced in following sizes: 29.7 x 42 cm, 30 x 40 cm and 50 x 70 cm. when you order a print and frame from us, we ensure your artwork is professionally framed. 


however, if you’d like to explore different art-to-frame ratios, feel free to contact us. whether you prefer a larger frame for a smaller artwork to create a sense of expansiveness or a smaller frame for a harmonious look, the choice is yours. experiment with different frame sizes and art ratios to achieve the style you want in your home. 


high quality photo frames in oak wood and aluminium

our meticulously handcrafted frames from Italy are produced in two different materials: oak wood and aluminium. both are carefully selected to match the visual impact of your chosen artwork as well as to complement the unique art prints in our collections. we take pride in offering frames constructed from oak wood in various shades such as dark oak, white, grey, black and light oak. these colours are carefully chosen to harmonise with our Scandinavian-inspired aesthetic, reflecting our appreciation for minimalistic design. explore our oak wood frames and find the right match for you.


discover your art piece at Atelier Cph

since our establishment in 2012 we have been pioneers in artistic exploration. we aim to provide a nurturing space for artists and art enthusiasts alike, putting emphasis on curiosity, quality and tactility in all that we do. our collections of abstract art prints and fabric artwork are a reflection of exactly these values and contain different techniques such as manipulating fabric, simple brushstrokes, layering techniques and a simple colour palette that come together to create unique artworks.

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