Collection: sculptures

a curated collection of handmade sculptures by Atelier Cph and various artist. all sculptures are one of a kind with a high focus on tactility and material experimentation.


explore unique sculpture art in ceramics, wood and clay

at Atelier Cph we aim to create a safe space for artistic expression and to become a nurturing place where creativity and tactility can thrive. our chosen sculptures are truly a reflection of this as they play with both minimalistic and modern aesthetics as well as different materials. 


ceramics, wood and clay come together in these sculptures to create new expressions with their geometric and ‘blocky’ appearances. the choice of materials reflects our commitment to sustainable and artistic craftsmanship. take your time to explore our collections of sculpture art and find the one which intricate details speak to you. 


art prints and fabric artworks at Atelier Cph

our collection of art prints is a fusion of tactile creativity and a continuous exploration of new techniques. we aim to make our abstract art prints as realistic and detailed as possible, capturing the essence of the original pieces through high-quality photography and professional printing. all our art prints are created and printed in the Kingdom of Denmark, ensuring premium quality for your walls. 


our fabric artworks push the boundaries of artistic expression. the collections feature a variety of techniques and materials, including pieces from leftover and recycled materials crafted into collages that tell a new story. discover fabric artworks with geometric patterns, highly detailed textures and stitched compositions among our art collections. 


limited edition art pieces

in addition to our high-quality art prints and fabric artworks, we offer a captivating collection of limited art pieces. These prints are produced in small quantities, ensuring their rarity and uniqueness. each limited edition art piece reflects our dedication to pushing the boundaries of artistic expression, providing you with an exclusive and extraordinary piece of art. 


create new expressions with frames for your art

at Atelier Cph you will find handcrafted oak wood and aluminium frames from Italy that provide a natural and harmonious aesthetic to your artwork with their earthy and neutral shades. our frames come in colours such as light oak, dark oak, white, black and grey that are all carefully chosen to elevate your chosen art work’s appeal. 


our frames are available in different sizes including 30 x 40 cm, 50 x 70 cm, 70 x 100 cm, and an exclusive 100 x 140 cm size for our Danish customers. when you order a print and frame from us, we ensure your chosen artwork is professionally framed. however, if you wish to explore different art-to-frame ratios, please feel free to contact us. 


Atelier Cph l unique art sculptures

Atelier Cph has been a pioneer in artistic exploration since our establishment in 2012. we aim to provide a nurturing space for artists and art enthusiasts, emphasising curiosity, quality, and tactility which our sculptures reflect. explore our collections today and feel free to ask if you have any questions.

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