Collection: wood frames

below you will find our handcrafted oak wood frames from Italy available in various sizes and shades. our frames are designed to not only protect your art piece but also elevate its aesthetic appeal. find the perfect fit for you here.

create the expression you wish with oak wood frames

at Atelier Cph we understand the significance of finding the right frame when it comes to enhancing your chosen art piece. oak wood frames provide a natural and harmonious aesthetic to your artwork with their earthy shades. however, if you are interested in a more clean and modern look we also offer handcrafted aluminium frames in various sizes.


oak wood frames in white and dark colours

our handmade art frames are made in Italy and draw inspiration from the minimalistic scandinavian colour palette. you will find oak wood frames in light oak and dark oak as well as black and white. the shades are carefully chosen to compliment our universe at Atelier Cph and provide a minimalistic yet elegant backdrop to your chosen art piece. 


handmade wood frames in various sizes

among our full collection of frames you will find oak wood and aluminium frames in various sizes such as 30 x 40 cm, 50 x 70 cm, 70 x 100 cm and 100 x 140 cm (exclusive to denmark). when you place an order that includes both frame and art piece, we will ensure that your chosen artwork is professionally framed. however, if you wish to explore different ratios of art to frame, please feel free to reach out to us. your vision matters and we are here to help. 


craftsmanship that speaks volumes

our handmade oak wood frames exemplify craftsmanship at its finest. each frame is a testament to our commitment to elevate your chosen artwork. our frames are made to seamlessly blend and complement your art. at Atelier Cph we constantly experiment with different techniques and materials, and oak wood remains a timeless choice. 


Atelier Cph | a safe place for exploration

since our establishment in 2012, we have aimed to be a nurturing space for artistic exploration and innovation. curiosity, tactility and quality are the cornerstones of our philosophy which is why you will find a range of different materials, techniques and approaches among our collections. 


explore our oak wood frames today and find the perfect frame to elevate your chosen art piece.

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