Collection: prints

this collection is designed by Atelier Cph and consist of a selection of modernist art prints. all our artwork is created by mixing our love for tactility with a never ending exploration for new techniques. 

high quality art prints of original pieces

you almost wouldn’t know if we didn’t tell you. one of our goals is to make our abstract art prints look as realistic and detailed as possible. we do this by taking high quality photos of the original pieces and printing them professionally. this way you are guaranteed a beautiful piece whether you order an art print, an original or limited edition. all of our art prints are designed and printed in the kingdom of denmark. 


unique fabric artworks that create new worlds

among our collections you will find fabric artworks created with a curiosity to combine different techniques and materials. some pieces may be made from leftover and recycled materials which are pieced together as a form of collage. 


you will find fabric artworks with geometric patterns whose interplay creates a modern yet simple expression, you will find highly detailed fabric artworks which textures create life in their own way and you will find fabric artworks stitched together to create whole new stories out of old ones. 


mix and match artworks across Atelier Cph collections

elements that flow throughout our collections are elements such as manipulating fabric, charcoal lines, layering techniques, simple brushstrokes and cut-outs. with recurring components and a simple colour palette you will quickly see that our abstract collections emanate tactility and consistency. 


the consistency that runs through all of our artworks make them highly compatible with each other. this means you can easily match different Atelier Cph-artworks across collections without sacrificing an ounce of minimalistic and clean aesthetics. 


limited edition art prints

in addition to our high quality art prints and unique fabric artworks, we also offer a captivating collection of limited art prints. these prints are produced in small quantities, ensuring their rarity and uniqueness. the limited editions are a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of artistic expression. each limited edition art print is meticulously crafted to encapsulate our creative vision and we hope they provide you with a sense of exclusivity and a transcendence of the ordinary. discover our artworks today and let them become a part of your lovely home.


Atelier Cph|always searching for new expressions

since our establishment in 2012 we have sought to find new forms of expressions by creating a safe space for artistic expression where curiosity, quality and tactility are at the heart of what we do. explore our abstract art prints today and find the ones that resonate with you and become your visual symphony. 

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